Purosa Coffee, Porosa District, Eastern Highlands, PNG (Single Origin)


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Purosa Coffee produced on the volcanic soils Eastern Highlands of PNG is a sought after Single Origin Coffee, shade grown on small lots, it is a full bodied coffee with notes of berries, and a toffee cocoa finish.

Cupping Notes

Blue/Green appearance. Blackcurrant and dark berries upfront. Full body with a tangy rounded acid going into a sticky toffee finish. Suits a medium roast. Certified fair trade and organic.


Broad valleys and rugged mountain ranges characterise the Eastern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea, and allow it to export some of the most highly sought-after beans in the world. Coffee farming in the rich volcanic soil provides the basis for livelihood for Eastern Highlanders, with most households cultivating a small crop of their own.

Since the planting of Jamaica Blue Mountain seeds in the 1920s, the coffee trade has risen to become the nation’s largest export, largely on the back of small-plot farmers. With synthetic fertilisers and pesticides being largely unaffordable, the resultant organic coffee crop is remarkable for its low caffeine and acidity levels.

About the producer

The Highlands Organic Agriculture Co-operative enjoys a 2604-strong membership of village farmers across 32 village communities spread and 500 square kilometres in the Purosa valley. These growers support about 12,000 family members, and allow the cooperative to support projects like supporting health centre, women’s groups, and providing textbooks for schools.