Matagalpa Single Origin, Nicaragua


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Our Matagalpa Single Origin from Nicaragua is produced in the mountainous region in the continental divide between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The famed coffee growers of the region once fueled the Nicaraguan Revolution against a repressive regime. The region's climate and growers produce smooth velevety flavours that linger with chocolate and nuts.  

Cupping Notes

Delicate well balanced cup with a lemon citrus acidity. Syrupy body going into a sweet caramel finish. Suits a light medium roast.


Matagalpa, famed for coffee, is a mountainous region in Nicaragua on the continental divide between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. High, cool slopes such as those in Matagalpa brew the ideal conditions for favoured bean qualities like citrus, vanilla, chocolate and nut.

The Fair Trade movement has enjoyed vibrant expansion in Nicaragua in response to the economic challenges of the Coffee Crisis facing all strong coffee exporters, and those it faces following the decades of the Nicaraguan Revolution.

About the producer

Produced by CECOCAFEN, which is a group of 12 cooperatives comprising 2,503 small-scale coffee farmers. CECOCAFEN co-op ensures a fair price is returned to its members and funds have gone towards education and sustainable agriculture.