'Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta' Single Origin, Colombia


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This is a complex Single Origin from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Region in Colombia.  It is a dark coffee with flavours of sweet toffee, spice and cocoa. The coffee's complex flavours are enhanced with a medium roast.  You can taste a hint of citrus before it moves in to a toffee finish.  It is certified fair trade and organic and produced by the Asoanei Co-op.  

Cupping Notes
Dark cup with sweet toffee, spice and cocoa. Orange acid moves into a toffee finish. Suits a medium roast.

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The Sierra Nevade de Santa Maria range in Colombia branches off the sweeping Andes, bearing the ideal climate (8° to 24°) for one of the finest coffee crops in the world, albeit measured by short harvest periods and declining yields from the effects of climate change.

Colombia boasts the highest Arabica bean production in the world. Arriving to its highlands shortly before the end of the 18th century, coffee farming found a hero in the figure of Juan Valdez, a fictional farmer appearing alongside his mule Conchita, bearing sacks of the precious crop.

About the producer
ASOANEI unites Indigenous and small-plot producers across the part of the Andes that extends into Colombia – more than 600 families belonging to the Arhuacos, Koguis, Wiwas and Kankuamos groups. With a focus on social, environmental and cultural sustainability, ASOANEI’s structured organic farming programs improve upon the living conditions of the members of a vibrant ancestral heritage.