Ethiopia Djimmah (Single Origin)*


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One of our most popular single origin's perfect in a cool iced long black, equally fabulous in a short or long black.  Ethiopian Djimmah is produced in the Illubabor and Kaffa regions of Ethiopia. It is certified fair trade and organic and produced by the Oromia Cooperative.


Syrupy cup with notes of bark berries and juby fruit. Stonefruit acidity with a cocoa texture going into a plum and dark bakers cocoa finish. Suits a gentle medium roast.

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Laying claim as the birthplace of the Coffea Arabica coffee tree, the mountain rain forests of southern Ethiopia are host to countless varieties of coffee and a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Both the region Kaffa and the word “coffee” are derived from the Arabic qahwah, “a drink from berries”.

Ethiopia’s fragrant, zesty coffee is known as black gold, and is the essence of daily ritual. For Ethopia’s farmers, the Fairtrade coffee premium delivers a consistent amount above minimum price to the cooperative, where, by democratic process, it is put to the best use for the membership.

About the producer

Ethiopia's Oromia Coffee Farmer's Cooperative Union connects the Fair Trade coffee market to the small-plot farmers as an equitable alternative to the mainstream commercial market. OCFCU comprises 34 cooperatives, cultivates 86,487 acres and has an average annual production of 16,507 tons, is known for its high quality heirloom coffee: forest-grown, organic, bird friendly and smallholder produced.