Aida Escolan - Cero Grande Direct Micro Lot Farm - Honduras*


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Aida Escolan's crop from Honduras is a delightful coffee with a full creamy body and chocolate and citrus flavours.

At Just Earth we aim to buy direct from female producers where we can.  It is still relatively rare for coffee farms to be owned and run by women. 

Aida Escolan is the owner of Cerro Grande Farm which is located at La Labor, Ocotepeque in Honduras.  It represents a huge challenge for Aida because she was born in Tegucigalpa the Capital, where she lived almost her whole life until that point. Aida became interested in the coffee field trying to keep the heritage of her ancestors - focused on quality from every point of view.

Aida has tried to develop an integrated farm that contains diversity of timber and fruit trees as well as coffee growing with varietals that contain a good profile in the cup. The gender variety is present in the activities through her leadership with a work team that is organised with men and women depending on the type of work that available in the different season of the year.

An important goal is to maintain and improve the produce quality desired by Honduran people and at the same time giving a better life quality to her staff.